tuber leaves yellowing

pdshop(5)May 11, 2008

The leaves of my tubers that are still in the cat litter boxes seem to be getting yellowing like they need iron. I haven't even planted them yet. Should I just plant as scheduled and see if the earth and bone meal take care of the leaves?

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Poochella(7 WA)

What do you have in the cat litter box surrounding the tubers? I would guess either more exposure to light, or a very weak solution of something like Miracle Gro would tide them over til you plant.

Just guessing. I've never had yellow leaves on young dahlias. Pale green, yes, but they green up and go on to do well outdoors.

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I have them in 4 inch puts in just plain potting soil. They have three sets of leaves. Since I have you Poochella, our weather forcasts 60 degree weather but rain for 4 days straight. should I put the rest of the dahlias in or wait? Some of the tubers that just have eyes are getting soft.

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Poochella(7 WA)

I can relate to the 60 degrees and 4 days of rain. With 3 sets of leaves you should have roots enough to take that rain, plus if you put your chosen fertilizer in the holes, the rain will help wash it in. Perhaps that will help the yellowing.

I'm planting all my tubers: sprouted, growing, or eyed-up. They need to get in the ground, damp or not.

The only other caution would be to protect against frost, but hopefully that is past for the season. Good luck!

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

I always remember a May 24 a couple of years ago where the temp as zero. I also am reminded by a couple of plants I did put in my pond this year which have completely died back.

IOWs, patience!

None of my 200+ plants are yellow, and they aren't getting gobs of light. They are getting tons of water.

Remember, it only takes one night of too cold whether to kill months of effort.


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Everything is in today. Just have to wait and see. I was surprised by having 5 mushy tubers from Swann. I either didn't store them right or they ship too early. What I need to know is the ones that had eyed up, some had dried. Will they come back? I just put the tubers in peat when they came and let the little heads peek out. Misted now and than but not wet.

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