Any experience with Pro-Tekt for pest resistance?

darloxOctober 23, 2011

So, like many others, I've had good success with Foliage Pro for feeding my citrus. Unfortunately, every winter when the containers move into the greenhouse, I fight an epic battle with typical GH pests -- most notably, spider mites.

As I gear up to fight the wintertime battle again, I notice a product on Dyna-Gro's site called "Pro-Tekt". It advertises a purposes of growing stronger cell walls, which "make a plant less susceptible to piercing-sucking insects and invading fungi."

Anyone have experience with this product and citrus? My sweet citrus (mandarin) were ravaged by ants and other leaf-cutters this summer, so they're already a bit weakened. My sour citrus all seemed to have held up ok, so I'm expecting a typical year out of them.

Having an extra tool in the arsenal would be great, but not a lot of point if citrus, in particular, aren't going to benefit from this kind of product. Or if spider mites, in particular, aren't going to be dissuaded a bit!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

No personal experience, but I am adding it to my regimen.

Many growers recommend it, such as Al (Tapla) who also recommended Foliage Pro.

Meyer Mike might have some, but I'm not sure.


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I have used it on many occasions and I did notice that many leaves on my plants toughen up.
I can't attribute my lack of mites from it, but I can say that I can attribute my lack of pest on Fish Emulsion.

Now that is an extra tool that you should add to your arsenal.


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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

I have been thinking about this for a while. I have been using pro-tek for two years since 2008 and stopped using it in 2010. Because I realized that it escalate the pH of the container soil.
I indeed notice one thing, scales showing up much faster than before when moving indoors. Typcially I would see scales at then end of March or early April. And the number is relatively limited. But not last year, I have seen unprecedented number of scales in all my citrus and other frgrant plants. Scales showed up (the sticky honeydew on the leaves) first week after moving indoors. The only exception is my gardenia.
This year I see signs of scale actitivty after one week indoors, I have been spraying neem oil, fish emulsion frequently in summer. What drive me nuts is that the weather has been cold and grey for the whole week, so the sun room has been cold and dark as well. In my experience, I should have seen no signs of any insect activity.
I will start using the pro-tek and see.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

I also plan to start using the Pro-Tekt. Everyone at the Plumiera forum use this all year long and rave about it. I havent found it here locally, so ill have to order it on line. Ill check at one other Hydroponics store, then online.

I plan to use it with my regular fertilizing plan as well as spraying the plants with FE before they all come inside to the house for the winter. They have been doused once with FE and seem to like it!!! Thanks Mike for the information on the Foliar use of the FE. I have used it before in the watering of the trees as well as Seaweed Extract. But, now i just use the Foliage pro. It seems to have everything that i want and need and is so easy to use.

OH...Mike..thank for the tips on using caps under my plants with works great!!! always listening!!! LOL...

Take care everyone!!!

Laura in VB

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