Which Lemon Tree is the best ?

osagej(z9CA)October 27, 2005

I'm planning on cooking a lot.

My question is should I buy the Eureka or Lisbon variety if I want the tangy taste of lemon in my food and deserts.

The Improved Meyers Lemon, since it's a sweeter variety does that mean you can add less sugar to make lemonade.

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It is a toss up between Eureka or Lisbon. They are so closely the same fruit. - Millet

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Laaz(z8b SC)

I would say the same until I got my Bearss Lemon. It outproduces both varieties but is very cold sensitive. The flavor is outstanding !

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

I like my Bearss lemon best of the Lemon varieties I have. It is (was) a very heavy producer of large, flavorful Lemons. Unfortunately hurricane Wilma has destroyed it and the chain saw takes down the shattered remains today. I will miss it terribly!

My very favorite sour citrus are my Persian (Bearss) Limes. They produce delicious, seedless fruit nearly all year. If I could only have one citrus that is the one I would choose.

Ponderosa Lemon is a fun tree to own, since it looks so odd. The fruit is huge and a bit bland. I am not impressed by my Meyer trees or the Eureka.


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Thanks for the comments.

Here is another question.
I live in S. California. Lowe's by me has the citrus trees.
Each tree has a tag saying "Citrus Assortment" and each one has what type of tree it is...."Meyers lemon", "Valencia Orange".....etc. The price is $9.99.

Should I stay away from these trees at Lowe's , Walmart and
instead refer to my local or mail-order nursery ?

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Laaz(z8b SC)

Lisa glad you made it through ok.

osagej most Lowes & HD get their tree's from local nurseries if they are in the area. My Local HD gets their stock from Hines.

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

My favorite lemon is the Meyer lemon. VERY fragrant and very delicious. Makes a wonderful lemonade & is great for baking cooking etc (yes--- use less sugar than commercial types of lemon). You can always buy the Eureka lemons in your grocery store---Meyer lemons are rarely found in supermarkets, that is another reason to grow your own. Just my 2 cents. BTW, Armstrong nurseries sells "Ultra-dwarf" varieties of citrus (these are smaller than dwarf)---great for containers.:)


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suzannesks(z 7 WA.)

Lisa..sorry for your loss:( I love my Meyer Lemon for desserts. And I love my Lisbon Lemon & Bearess Lime for everything else.I bought my Bearess Lime from Fred Meyers, many years ago it was in a throw away pile outside.When I saw it it was laying on it's side frozen...yes frozen but still had some leafs that were green and this little citrus was about (2)years old.I argued with the store manager about selling me this citrus, which he kept saying was NOT for sale! We finally agreed on $5.00:) And that little citrus tree is and has been my biggest producer of all my citrus! He puts out blooms and fruit NON-STOP, and is such an agressive producer that branches have broken because of the weight of the fruit amount:)So..I see no reason to not buy from who ever.If you get a good deal like $9.99 go for it.I wish you heavy abundance of fruit too.***Suzanne

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My favorite lemons are Meyers and Ponderosa..It's difficult deciding between the two..How I'd love a thick-trunk ponderosa..
A Ponderosa is growing at the Oak Park Conservatory, and its fruits are as large as grapefruit..I didn't know what it was until I read the sign..and boy was I impressed. Maybe one day I'll find a big tree that produces lemons..Toni

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Laaz(z8b SC)

Neither Meyer or Ponderosa are true lemons. Meyer is either crossed with mandarin or sweet orange depending on who you talk to. Ponderosa is a cross with a citron.

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Eureka and Lisbon are essentially the same fruit as mentioned above. Which variety to grow depends on your climate. The Lisbon is hardier to cold and heat, so in my Arizona yard does great. Thornier than Eureka, but very productive. A local saying is that one lemon tree provides the entire neighborhood... very true!

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citrus_x(z8 Ft. Worth TX)

I have Eureka, Ponderosa, Meyer and three seed grown lisbons. If you want the tangier more acid flavor then by all means go with Eureka or Lisbon. Eureka does better in cooler climates and Lisbon in warmer climates. Ponderosa as mentioned is a hybrid but still has very good lemon flavor but like it parent the citron is more pulp and peel than juice. Meyer is great for lemonade and lemon pie but don't be fulled by it's higher sugar content. You will still have to add sugar when cooking with this variety. Keep in mind that Meyer usually doesn't store as long as true lemons and it has been my experience that the flavor is better when used fresh. The quality of fruit may be impacted by the rootstock it is grown on. Sour orange and trifoliate orange for colder climates are usually the industry standard and have varying degrees of disease tolerance. Enjoy your lemons!!!

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I live in Corpus Christi, Texas, which is close to the "valley" area where the famous Meyer lemons are grown in significant quantities. They are supposed to be one of the best lemon varieties, but even in the local stores here I have not actually seen them available.

Because I am fond of using fresh lemon juice in iced tea, I have been thinking about trying to grow some lemon trees to complement my vegetable garden. Earlier today I did some searching and managed to find a site that had some basic information about the different types of lemon trees and their characteristics. I still need to do some more research to figure out exactly which ones will work for our particular location, however.

Here is a link that might be useful: Types of Lemon Trees

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