fertilizing new sprouting tubers

covellaMay 27, 2008

Well here it is the last week of May and we've had 3 days with temps above 60, and the forecast is another coming week of nights in the low 40s and days up to 60. Not exactly conducive to getting the dahlias going.

I have tubers sprouting but they are sort of stopped because of the cool weather. Can I fertilize them yet - and if not now - when?



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Hi Alyrics

This is posted on Dalia Barn's website:

"Bone Meal is recommended at planting time. Bone Meal builds strong tubers. Dahlias require low nitrogen fertilizers. We recommend fertilizers with a 5-10-10 ratio within 30 days of planting and again approximately 4 weeks later. Do Not overfeed your dahlias, doing so will promote weak stems, small blooms or tubers that rot or shrivel in storage."

Hope this helps.

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