Trying to save my Tango Mandarin video

tmc2009October 22, 2012

Took a look at what was going on with my Tango Mandarin. Decided to pot it down and bring it inside for some intensive care. I just think this particular variety is not very cold tolerant. Plus we've had a lot of rain lately along with the cooler temperatures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tango Mandarin

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you may want to prune the top a little. kinda like with bonsai, since the roots are so dismal.

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How can you have too much soil?

Too wet, yes. Too much?

All of that turface and perlite you added will cause it to retain even more water, I think that you are amplifying your problem here. It will need even less water.

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too much potting mix and it doesn't allow the moisture to evaporate as quickly, and also if the tree doesn't have a large root system the moisture isn't absorbed as quickly either, both conditions creates excessively wet potting mix.

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