Arborvitae trees near a septic leach field

chasin_rabbitsApril 11, 2010

Hi everyone I am new here. I am trying to find some information on arborvitae trees root systems and if they could present a problem if planted near a leach field. We would like to plant 20 or so of the 10-15ft tall emerald green arborvitaes at the very end of our leach field. They would probably be within 3 or 4 feet of the last drainage pipe. We cant plant them any farther away because our leach field extends almost to the road in front of our house, and the road is what we want to screen with the arborvitaes.

I've been searching the web and this forum for a while and can't seem to find any info on these trees in regards to planting them near a leach field. Does anyone have any experience/info with this?

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Most would just say "no" since any serious root invasion could make for a very costly repair and/or costly sale of the home once an inspector for the buyer raises hell about the trees near the drain field.

That being said, the best information I was able to find about the topic is here:

FWIW, I have malus and Oxydendrum arboreum within about 5 feet of the edge of mine. My folks have several eastern white pines all in theirs (30-something years on, no problems).

Unless you get advice from an expert on the tree you are planting that says go ahead, don't do ahead with the plans unless you're willing to pay for a fix later down the road. I hear it's expensive :-)

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