Droopy bottom leaves

misslucindaMay 23, 2007


I started a few of my dahlias early and the biggest and the brightest, about 12" of leaves when I planted, now has droopy lower leaves.

The plant seemed not totally pressed into the soil so I am suspecting mole/vole or critter. Others, just sprouting but one bed away have not been "etten". Am watering stressed plant now. Shall I transplant to a different area?



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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

They want to be well drained, but at the same time like to be watered.

I have found all kinds of critters like to chew on them. I had a lovely shot of a squirrel eating the lower leaves of my dahlia right on my deck right in front of me. That being said, put it back and let it grow.

I find that the bottom leaves often droop. I actually usually trim off the bottom 4 inches of leaves ( once the plant is big enough) so that I get better air circulation and prevent mold on the lower leaves.

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Hi jroot-

Thanks for responding. I read a posting where you told someone you cut the bottom leaves off for better air circulation and to prevent mold---and frankly, after I saw that, I did the same and trimmed.

But the fact that "lower leaves often wilt" is news to me and certainly nothing I noticed last year... If the top 2/3rds of the plant weren't doing so well I would be tempted to pull it up and see whats going on with the tuber itself--The fact that I started it in regular potting soil and had to water fairly frequently, makes me wonder if I have some tuber rot going on---

Anyway, about those squirrels, there may be 8 million people in the naked city, but there's 8 million critters out here...and I am sure out where you are.

Hope you've started planting.


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