Thursday Tea in December

lavender_lass(4b)December 8, 2011

Well, it's December and it dropped down to 10 degrees, last night! We haven't had much snow lately, but it definitely feels like winter :)

I'm hoping the snow stays away, until we can get our house repaired, but it is nice to see the white stuff, right around Christmas! Then, we usually get a lot of snow in January and February. Plenty of time to read through the gardening books, look around online, and place a few orders for the next spring.

So, what are your plans today? What have you been doing (or planning) for your garden? Although I miss being in the garden, the planning is a lot of fun, too. Not to mention the break from weeding/watering...but I will really miss it, by March! LOL

Today, I'm drinking a wonderful cup of Earl Grey and thinking about making a yellow cake, with chocolate frosting. We haven't really celebrated my birthday yet, so just planning to have a little dessert with family and maybe a few gifts. Most of you may have seen my present, from my husband...but here are the roses I ordered!

Cottage rose (from David Austin) with an old rose fragrance...and supposedly a bit of lilac. From Lavender's Garden

And Ebb Tide, a floribunda rose, with old rose frangrance mixed with cloves. From Lavender's Garden

Hope you have a lovely Thursday and enjoy your tea :)

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Both beautiful roses, LL. Hope you had a merry Christmas and delightful birthday. :o)

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Thanks, Lois! I hope you had a merry Christmas, too :)

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