Special needs to help yuzu tree bloom?

darloxOctober 16, 2010

Hi all - long-time lurker, first-time poster. =)

Early this spring, I picked up two 2-3 year old citrus trees from Four Winds, a Meyer Lemon and a Yuzu, to brighten up my greenhouse. I sort of OD'd on the advice and suggestions on these forums, but it seems to have paid off. Both trees are thriving in terms of leaf health and new growth, as are the rest of the plants in my GH, including an older Kaffir Lime that these joined.

The Meyer has bloomed twice already, and has several nicely-maturing fruits on it. The Yuzu has added probably 50% to its size when I received it, but not a single bud or blossom has appeared, despite conditions and a diet identical to the Meyer & lime.

I'm willing to accept that perhaps I'm just being impatient here with new trees, but since Yuzu is a bit of an exotic citrus (particularly in Ohio!), I've not been able to find much reference as to whether it has special needs to thrive.

If anyone has experience with Yuzu and might be willing to share some tips, I'd appreciate it, particularly with winter coming on. While it should be well-protected and nicely warm all season, I don't want it to decline because there's something vital to the species that I'm starving it of during the cold dark winter...

Thanks in advance!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I dont have any experience with yuzu, but I would have to say as long as it looks healthy it will bloom when its ready. Sometime stress with induce blooms, but im not willing to try that with mine. Just be patient, it will reward you when its time.

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Glenn_50(New Plymouth NZ)

I think you will find early next spring it will be in bud.My 2 year old has come into bud after a very wet winter.

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Darlox, welcome..

From the sounds of it, it sounds like a very happy content tree..Adding 50% to it's size is more than many of us can accomplish with many of our citrus..

I had a friend that had to induce flowering with cooler conditions...It had nothing to do with fertilizer at all..

I hope someone that grows these can confirm what it needs, if other than patience..


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Thanks all - and sorry for the delay. I've been out of town the last week...

I think I've gotten lucky on this one, more than skill. I had a devil of a time with my first attempt at citrus, but this time out (so far) these guys are going crazy! A combination of overly-paranoid feeding and management mixed with long-periods of benign neglect when I'm traveling. ;)

Regarding inducing with cooler conditions: I've heard this from others as well, and think that I might need to chill this one a bit before spring arrives. That's definitely what it would receive in its native Japan. However, I've never done that particular operation before, and am wondering if anybody has advice for doing so without killing the tree? I'm in Ohio, so it's probably not quite as simple as just hauling it outside sometime during the winter... I have to keep the GH temp above 60 because of some other plants in there.

If I were to try and give it a period of cold, what would folks recommend as the best way to do so, without damaging it or compromising its existing growth? If I put it inside my attached garage, for instance, would it need additional light during that time to not be damaged? Would it need a transition period of being hauled back-and-forth to not shock it??

Any tips appreciated. Thanks!

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a yuzu tree here in the Dallas TX area ?

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I procured my Yuzu from Four Winds last June. It has always been a bit 'stagnant', that is, neither growing or dropping leaves. But all of sudden it bloomed and has set fruit.

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There is a japanese proverb that goes "Peach, chestnut, 3 years. Persimmon 8 years. Yuzu 18 years." Yuzu takes longer time to bloom than other citrus.
I heard that grafted yuzu (on poncirus) will bloom faster than yuzu started from seed.

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