Myrtle's Folly

redmond_phyllisMay 29, 2011

This is the 2nd year trying to grow Myrtle's Folly in my backyard. Last year, the location was not prime, and the plant looked buggy and unhealthy. I tossed the tubers and bought new. This year's tuber was started the plant in the house where I don't recall any issues visually. I planted it outside in a prime spot and it grew a few inches. And I appear to be getting a replay of last year's Myrtle's Folly. Misshapen leaves and it just plain looks feasted upon! I immediately went to the store and picked up some organic bug spray that's supposed to take care of leaf hoppers, thrips, and many other no see 'em bugs (and I haven't seen 'em yet) and I diligently spray every day. The surrounding plants look wonderful! I'll post the picture of Myrtle's Folly (or should I call it Phyllis's Folly) when I get one. But the question is, is Myrtle's Folly a tough one to grow? I know there are varieties that are easier than others, and I'm starting to think that Myrtle's Folly is one that's hard to grow. Anyone with some good news about Myrtle's Folly?

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

I hope it's not hard to grow...I just bought it last month, and so far it looks good. I'll be planting it out this week.

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Myrtle's Folly was named by the late Bob Bloomfield after his wife Myrtle. She really liked the flower and he did not share her enthusiasm.

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