Meyer Lemon 'Y'

tomkiwiOctober 24, 2011

Hi All,

I have a Meyer Lemon tree in a pot that "Y"'s at the trunk in to two separate branches. The branch on the left has grown much more vigorously since we got it about 6 months ago. Both have fruit, however the fruit on the right hand branch is much more established. I am trying to determine if the left hand branch is a sucker, however I can not tell if there is a graft line or not. could they have possibly put two grafts on to the trunk at the "Y"? Any ideas on what to do with it? Pictures should be available here:

Thanks in advance!


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Not all trunks, branches are created equal; both branches look like Meyer; and it is not uncommon for a tree producer to put more than one bud to speed up growth and development of the tree. Sometimes one bud just "takes" better than the other; over a longer period of time, you should see them more equal. BTW, for plants in the ground, the roots tend to follow the water and fertilizer; so if you put the fertilizer and water on one side, the roots will grow there, followed by the limbs. In pots this is less likely to occur; but perhaps you put more fertilizer on one side; or maybe one side of the potting soil is packed more tightly, or something else is inhibiting root growth. Could be a simple as when you planted it, it had more roots on one side; or you damaged some roots on one side. The rule is, first the roots grow; and then the leaves/limbs follow.

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Thanks! So I guess that I shouldn't be too concerned about the "Y", and it will just grow up to have two main branches huh?

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It'll proly grow up to have half a dozen or more main branches. Not to worry; give it TLC and have a little patience; your Meyer will reward you with the best lemon in the world... I have 7,000 trees, so I'm more than a big fan.

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