Rotted Tuber?

BlueBirdPeony(5b NE Ohio)May 6, 2013

Brand new to dahlias. Planted a tuber in a pot about four weeks ago. About two weeks ago it sprouted. It has remained the same heat for two weeks. Abut one inch tall. Today I noticed some new growth, not in height, but in a few new sprouts. None look super healthy. The older sprouts are reddish green. The new ones are just red. None are yellow or have a rotted look. But why else wouldn't they be growing?


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Hi there,
the new shoots often are reddish/ purple, especially of cultivars with purple/red flowers, even pink ones. My cultivars with white or yellow flowers send up plain green shoots.

How warm do you keep them? My batch of potted Dahlias didn`t do much, because the wheather was so cold and I keep them in an unheated room. Now after some days of sunshine, they do grow a bit taller.

You could check the tuber by tipping the container carefully, check the crown and look for squishy parts on the tubers.

Or just wait, as long as those shoots don`t look like they are shrinking, it should be fine.
Have fun with your first Dahlia summer,

bye, Lin

ps: let`s hear whether you got hooked and how many cultivars you gonna order for next year...

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