Leave Dropping Fast & Branches Turning Brown

stephoneyOctober 27, 2007

My dwarf meyers lemon tree has been dropping all of its leave and now the branches are turning brown. I purchased it from a reputable dealer in June and it grew to be 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall. I began bringing it inside in the evenings in August to get it use to being inside. It seemed to be fine at first, but it slowly began dropping a few leaves a day. I live in Washington state where the weather has turned pretty cold so bringing it inside is a must. I had it planted in a resin container that seemed too small, so I repotted it with orchid mix in a larger terra cotta container. I placed it away from vents (and sunlight) and put a grow light on it during the day, but to no avail. It now has branches that are turning brown (should I remove these?) and also it has very few leaves left. The leaves that are left are yellow veined with green leaves. I would add schelated minerals to it, but I am afraid to water it again, since it is still moist from last week's repotting. When I repotted it I checked the roots and they were not rotting. My container takes some time to dry out even with the soil I chose. I am weary of repotting again with even lighter soil because I am afraid it would be too tramatic for the plant. I used a popsicle stick in the dirt and it is still wet from last Friday's transplanting. I read that the room is too dry, so I try to mist the plant a few times a day. All of my windows have vents near by so I am worried about moving it closer to a natural light source. I have searched the forum and found bits and pieces that sound like my problem, but I wondered if someone could help me to save my plant. I am very frustrated that nothing seems to be working.

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Dear Stephoney,

I don't want to try to give you too much information, but I will attempt some help.. a suggestion first, then a couple questions..

you must put your tree in front of a window along with offering supplemental grow lights (both are needed for the trees indoor survival). I know you said your windows all had vents next to them (on the floor or ceiling?), so do mine (on the floor)- what I do in my kitchen is cover the vent with a piece of cardboard cut just to fit the vent, then I have a heavy ceramic frog 'knick knack' that I put on top of the vent to hide the cardboard (and to weight it down when the heat comes on). If your vent is in the ceiling near the window I would still find a way to cover it up and let the tree be in front of the window to bask in the sunlight- they need a lot.

Now, when you repotted you did not say what size it 'was' in, and what size pot you repotted in to. Hopefully you did not go more than the next size larger, this along with the lack of sunlight would help explain why the tree is still so wet. You should never go more than the next size larger when repotting.

Please also check really close for bugs (scale, mites, white fly, etc). Most times they are extremely hard to see unless you really get close. If you find bugs, try spraying them off in the shower (cover the soil so you don't water the tree anymore -you just want to spray the leaves and trunk)- I would not put any strong chemicals on the tree in the state that it is in.

Sorry to be so long winded, lol. Meyer lemons seem to be the most finiky tree of all to grow- praying over the tree may help also.

Just my humble two cents :)

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