First bloom coming next week but...

davidinsfMay 3, 2014

In the meantime, I won an IPAD air at work and can finally post pics. So here is one shot of my garden as it stands on May 3rd. I will start uploading early blooms (Patches might be 1st, then a 'Tomo" or B'Man' lookalike.

First time so bear with me- if it isn't sized right, I'll re-try. (I can't tell how large the image is and I cannot figure out how to re-size a photo so if this seems large, any help you provide in cutting it down on an Apple (I've always been a windows man) would be much appreciated.

What you are seeing is my 'Spring' section - right in front of where I sit mostly. My Spring section only allows 4 colors - white, yellow, orange and pink.

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goldenbuckeye(5/6 OH)

You have some beautiful flowers! Not much blooming here in zone 5.

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You must be in Fla or S. Cal - so nice to have so much color! I finally have crocus & hyacinth blooming, but thats about it. I can't even put my Dahlias out for another month.

I use a MacBook Pro - so not sure what IPad's have on them. If you have "Preview" on there you can pretty much do anything you need to your photos.

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