Citrus in "greenhouse"

arkberry(8b)October 7, 2012

My local lowes store has some of their greenhouses on sale and I am thinking about getting one for my citrus and winter vegetables. This is e type of greenhouse that you can walk into and is covered in a heavy plastic wrap. We are in 8b so we do not get super cold. Last year I brought everyone inside, but I have too many now. I thought they would get more sun in greenhouse vs my garage. Does anyone have any experience with potted citrus in greenhouse?

If needed I can leave some outside in protection and bring some inside. I have 3 potted satsuma, Meyer lemon, clementine, tangelo, Moro, and lime. Last year in ground satsuma did fine,

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There is not a citrus tree I can think of that will not be happy in a greenhouse all winter. I only wish I had enough room for mine.

For what it's worth, when I did put a few in a mini greenhouse in the past, they thrived!


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I think, oranges can grow in your green house.

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The only problem would be making sure it was vented in case you had a warm sunny winter day. Your plants will like the sunshine and the higher humidity but any sort of greenhouse can become an oven on a sunny day.

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I've had a 10X10 greenhouse for close to 10 years. Divided it in 1/2 with a raised garden on one side and the other side I have my lemon tree and other plants. The lemon tree does great. What I insure is that I regularly mist the tree, otherwise given that it is winter, there is less water in the air. I also use Foliage Pro regulary, as per the container forum. Good luck.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'll agree that, depending upon where you live (8b stretches from coast to coast), you might need to be careful about the heat build-up in your little greenhouse. You don't want your plants to live in 90 plus temps in the day, then 30s at night. Just something to think about.

Other than that, I'm sure you're gonna love it!

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I have 15 satsuma trees and a couple of meyer lemon trees in the ground and I house them through the winter in a 12x140 ft. high tunnel green house. I put the 6 mil white poly cover on the first of Nov. and take it off the first of Mar each year. I leave the end doors open unless it drops below 30 degrees. I use black 55 gal. drums filled with water to help with the heating,(1 for every 2 trees) It has worked well for the past two years. I am in zone 8a.

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