which tree should I get? Meyer Lemon or Washington Navel Orange?

msugrl2010October 15, 2012

Hey all!

So I purchased an Oroblanco Dwarf Grapefruit tree from 4 Winds a few months back, and my great-grandmother has been ohhing and ahhing at it everytime she comes to visit (and she's a big gardner, loves growing flowers and plants and is very good at it). Well her 95th birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I've decided to give the tree to her :), I think she'll be very happy, and I'll make up a direction sheet on how to care for citrus. But now I have a dilemma, what kind of tree should I get for myself in the spring when it warms back up again?? :) I can't decide between a Meyer Lemon and a Washington Navel Orange (I would get the tree from 4 Winds). I kind of want both LOL XD but not sure it that would be a good idea.

Anyone willing to give me their opinion? anyone willing to post pictures of their meyer lemon and/or washington navel orange would be great! :D

Thanks! :)

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I am not just a fan of the Meyer Lemon; I am President of the company.... LOL. As an amateur chef also, I don't think I could survive without a Meyer lemon tree. At the moment I have 16,000; so I have enough for most of my friends.

As for the Washington Navel; I have a few, along with a dozen or more varieties of citrus. I find the Washington more susceptible to diseases and critters than some; I recently planted 4 Cara Cara oranges; IMHO they are notably better than the Washington. Were I you, I would get both the Meyer and the Cara Cara.

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Oh wow! Congrats on being the president of such a wonderful company! LOL I'm envious, 16000 meyer lemon trees! WOW! :O! I'm assuming they're in your backyard, right? haha just kidding. I didn't know about the potential vulnerability that the navel orange tree has to some diseases and bugs. I actually plan on having the tree in a pot, since I'm from Michigan and could never plant it outside. Would you still recommend the Cara Cara over the Washington Navel even though it would be in a pot? the 4 winds site says WN and Trovita are best as indoor potted growing plants (which they would be in the winter, outside in the summer), but would Cara Cara do just as well? I know the Meyer would be ok in a pot.

Thanks for the tips!

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Well, kind of depends on what you want - juice or eating out of hand. The Meyer is an outstanding lemon. I'm a big fan like John. I use the Meyer for cooking, all my lemonade, and for my Limoncello. But, I couldn't be without a Valencia orange, as that makes the best orange juice. I love my Cara Cara as I think it's the best eating out of hand navel orange. Navel oranges will produce juice, but navel oranges contain a much higher chemical that causes the juice to become bitter if refrigerated, so traditionally navel oranges, like the Cara Cara, are for eating out of hand, whereas the Valencia is for both eating out of hand and juicing. So, decide what your grandmother would prefer, and that's your choice :-) Then, just get the other one for yourself, and you can swap fruits!

Patty S.

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The Cara Cara is, I believe, a sport of the Washington navel, so should grow the same; I simply prefer the taste of the Cara Cara; and it seems a bit juicier; but that is in my climate (tropical) and may not be true in Michigan.

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