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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)May 3, 2006

About two weeks ago we had to butcher a young cow that had ripped her uterus while trying to calve. It was either that or just shoot her and call the dead animal wagon. Not wanting to see a perfectly healthy animal be more wasted than she already was, my husband and I skinned her out and took her to the little market over in the next community. The gentleman there used to process deer and beef until he became sick and said he could no longer lift and carry to do the processing. He said we were welcome to hang her and we were welcome to use his equipment but he wouldn't cut her up for us.

Well, yesterday was the day. Neither of us have ever run a meat saw but we got our lesson yesterday. The two of us started at 9:00 and we finally finished at 6:45 last night. I was totally pooped. Fortunately the owner of the store did show up at critical times to tell us where to make cuts and he zipped out the steaks and roasts. I could have kissed his feet for the help he gave us. Processing beef isn't a woosey job. Though we had the beef quartered the front ends were still more than heavy.

While I certainly didn't turn out any product that would have been fancy enough to sell it will be fine for us. At least I know somewhat what to do the next time. And I suspect there will be a next time as finding folks to do stuff like that anymore is getting harder and harder.

Anybody out there that still processes their own meat?


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I hunt so yes, but its mostly venison. And we process same day the animal is taken. Its a hard job, but we get a freezer full of meat off on animal. We keep just about everything but the bones. And the bones in some cases (ribs) and hing quarters.

When there is alot of bits and pieces, we save those up to use in stews and soups, or to grind for deer burgers or sausage. Nothing goes to waste. We hunt for fun, but mainly for the surplus food we get and use up each season.

I am NO fan of those who hunt for the pure sport, and the kill..... i do not support anyone who does this, it makes me sick to think some-one would.

On another note...... this is seriously off topic from the normal PLANT DL conversations?

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highjack(z6 KY)

This is what the forum is here for - sure don't want to hear about butchering a cow on the daylily forum.

Unexpected beef to go with Nip and Bambi later - you will be eating high for the next year. Not only will I raid your garden but sounds like the freezer would be of interest too.


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