How long for dahlias to sprout?

dazed77(6)June 14, 2005

Hi, I planted a dahlia tuber about 3 weeks ago. (some of you will remember me because I asked how to plant it! :-) ) Well I was wondering how long it would take for the tuber to show signs of growth? I have it in a pot, keep the soil moist and make sure that it receives lots of sunlight..Thanks

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

If you dont ahve them very deep in the soil (just so the tuber is covered) they might be up before to long. If you planted like 6 inches down then it might be longer. If you have them in a pot inside you might want to set the pot outside on a warm afternoon in the sun it will help give it a boost too. It really is hard to tell but you'll know it when you see it! have fun

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Thanks Dapperdahlia :-) I am still waiting for signs of growth. I scratched the surface of the soil a bit and I saw a stick like thing, but I think its part of the tuber. I only put a layer of about 2" thick soil over it. Making sure it gets lots of light.

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

I know its really hard to wait. Me being as impatient as I am i had to dog up the no shows after a while and yell at them (poochella's advice) and it helped them out a little. good luck!

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grannymarsh(z4-5 U.P. MICH)

Did it have eyes?

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GrannyMarsh---No I dont see any eyes. But do you mean if the tuber had eyes? I posted the pic of the tuber some time back because I couldn't make out head or tail of it. We concluded that it might have had an eye but couldnt be too sure....Do you think I should dig it up or just leave it?

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

GENTLY emphisis on GENTLY dig it up just in case it does have an eye on it ( I've knocked a few off being impatient ) It might be that an eye developed on the underside and is still trying to find its way up.

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As instructed, I gently dug up the tuber. I did see what looked like eyes, but they weren't green in color so I am not too sure. But I did take some photos. I know its difficult to tell from photographs but I will appreciate any ideas. I did put the tuber back in the soil and this time covered with less soil.

View #1:

View #2 (could the rounded portion in the top right hand corner have an eye on it?)

View #3:(ooppps. This photo is upside down, or more like 90 degrees off)

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

oh my, well none of my tubers looked like that...mine all looked more like potatoes. This looks like a piece of tree bark. Hate to break it to you but A, i dont see any eyes, and B i dont think its going to do much..there arent even any root hairs on it... sorry cant help you any more than that. I dont know much about the growing season in the Bahamas but maybe you could buy another tuber or if this one came from a company that offers to replace tubers that dont sprout call the company. I dont know...

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Thanks DapperDahlia. Actually it looks better now then it did before I planted it LOL so I naturally thought soemthing was happening. Its pretty funny actually. I am laughing to myself right now. I bought it from a nursery over here. They have been around for quite a long time. Last time I checked they were not selling any more dahlia tubers, I think I might have gotten the last one in the box.

Thank you for your valuable opnion and time :-)

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Poochella(7 WA)

Hi Dazed,
Oh my...
I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure you have an offspring of this creature from the movie "Alien" in your garden. I believe it should be installed shallowly in your nearest compost pile where you can watch it for some growth but I wouldn't spend much time waiting. I do not see eyes there no matter how long I stare at it. I have never seen anything like the black goo on the right of view #1 and I have never seen a tuber look anything like this either. My free advice would be not to buy from that particular nursery again.

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Hi there Poochella :-) Here I am again with my endless Dahlia questions :-).. The 'Alien' is hideous LOL. I hope my offspring are prettier than him! Yes, I am not bothering about it anymore and not expecting anything either, but I did put it back into the gallon container that I took it out of. I have no use for the container right now anyway. Oh the goo in view #1 is actually black soil that I didn't spray off. The soil was kind of wet when I took the tuber out and I just dunked it in water to rinse out some of the soil that it was covered with. I will let you all know if any miracles occur over here :-)

Thank you very much!

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hansevaldsen(6b DK)

hi dazed.
how do you store your tubers, , they seemed totally dried out for me

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Hansevaldsen--I planted it almost as soon as I bought it, after spending some hours asking here on how to identify the parts etc. The nursery that I bought it from had it in a brown box on a shelf in an air conditioned room. I don't know how long its been there for, maybe since the beginning of the season, but it was I think the last in the box. I haven't thrown it out. Its lying in the same container at the back of the house.

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I planed my Dahlia tubers about 18 days ago and I do not see any sprout, I followed the instruction that came with them how to plan and grow dahlia tubers. However, the next day after I planed them it was raining here in NYC for about three days continuously. Do you think that I have to wait more time or is there any thing that I can do. Thank you

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Isn't it still too cold to plant out in NYC? Dahlias like the ground temp. to be 60* or better & will either just sit there & sulk until it warms up or they will just plain rot. You can gently dig around the neck & see if they've started to sprout. If they have, cover them up again & pretend you didn't disturb them! If they've rotted you're out of luck & will have to start again when the weather warms up more. It also depends on how deep you planted them. We always just cover the tubers with about 1/2" of soil & as the sprout grows we fill in until the ground is either level or slightly mounded around the stem-- the sprout starts sooner because it's not as deep & the ground is warmer because you have a bit of a hollow to hold the heat in.

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if i hadnt known that was a dahlia tuber.....i would have never been able to guess.....its ugly....i remember a few that i pulled out of storage...that looked a bit similar...shriveled....gave me the giggles though.....thanx

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mmckendallpk(z6 NJ)

Measured soil temp with dial thermometer last week, temp was 63 degrees F at about five inches down.

Dahlia planted middle of April came up this weekend.

Live in Central NJ not that far from NYC.

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Well I planted my dinner plates a week ago when it was warm, but now we have had a low pressure system hovering over us for 4-5 days of low to high 40's and rain all the time! Should I dig them up or wait it out?

Good day...
This is my first dahlias or gardening year for that matter...

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