Just wondering what i have got here

Zell755344November 26, 2012

So, this is a cactus my girlfriends mother had and thought it to be dead, well its clearly not. Since I have had it for the last few weeks, the limbs off the top of the cactus has more then tripled in size!

I was trying to look it up and see what type it was, and i think its an Opuntia Aciculata, also known as Chenillie Prickly Pear. And it look slike it may flower at some point.

If so, what can i do to help it out, and if its not the OA, what might it be?


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I doubt your ID. Probably more like O. microdasys that is horribly etiolated. Translation: probably a common plant that was grown far from any real source of light.
Those are new stems, not flowers. Ideally, you would break off the longest growth and keep the plant in good light and water sparingly. Be careful those white dots. They are composed of hundreds of tiny barbed spines. If you get some in you, you can run the affected part through your hair, use Elmers Glue and let it dry, or any other way there is to extract them.

No matter what the ID (and unless it is something like microdasys), Opuntias are generally hard to ID unless you know where the plant came from and it has some classic traits. Traits like a specific shape, color or spine display. Cultural conditions can change a plant's appearance.

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

I agree, it looks like it is not getting anywhere near enough light.

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