Found at last: old growth redwoods of Mexico!

arauquoia(z7b GA)April 30, 2012

AKA Montezuma cypress. These are the same as the Tule tree of Oaxaca, I believe. But these are an entire forest or at least large grove.

Here's where to find them: At the Lago de Camecuaro National Park near Zamora.

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salicaceae(z8b FL)

Nice trick - I've never heard of T. mucronatum being called redwood! I thought for a moment that there had been a discovery of a population of S. sempervirens or something.

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arauquoia(z7b GA)

Horticulturalists in New Mexico at the Tome nursery (now called the Plants that Please) call Taxodium the Texas redwood -- I guess because Taxodium was classified with redwoods in Taxodiaceae, sometimes called the redwood family.

These are the same people who found a Taxodium species in the mountains of southwest New Mexico that they were having tested at Cornell? to see if it is a new species. (If it was found on the Eastern side of the continental divide, that would put it into the watershed of the Rio Grande, making it likely?/possible? that it is T. mucronatum. There's a Chinese researcher who claims to have found T. mucronatum south of Las Cruces in the watershed of the Rio Grande.)

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I just visited Plants that Please website... they call them "New Mexico Redwood", not Texas Redwood. I've known about them for several years now. They're just more cold hardy compared to the ones to the south.

I was given free NMMC plants to try out a few years ago. They're alright. Nothing special plus they seem to be susceptible to needle disease due to high humidity. To fix that problem, Chinese scientists bred both Montezuma and Bald cypress to be more resistant against blight but retain growing characters of MC and better form of BC. I have some in my backyard...

Here is my Montezuma cypress grown from a seed that came from MC at Stephen F Austin State University that came from one in Mexico back in 1980s.

Here is a link that might be useful: Taxodium Breeding Brochure from the Nanjing Botanical Garden

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