HAVE: Crinum Bulb

Nell JeanJuly 21, 2007

I have some nameless Crinums to transplant.

There will be a few to share. These are average 17cm. circumference bulbs.

I wish to trade for other bulb/corm/rhizomes, such as butterfly ginger, rain lily, agapanthus, calla, gloriosa lily....

The Crinums need to go to gardens in zones 8-10, as they are very tender and not suited to indoor pot culture. Please don't ask for them if you are outside zones 8-10, unless you're willing to trade a large peony.


P.S. Later I will be digging crocosmia to trade and even later, lycoris radiata.

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I should have Butterfly Ginger and Calla Lily (traditional white) that I can share. Also, I have Amaryllis 'Belladonna', aka "Naked Ladies" (white - Big bulbs).

Would love to have a start of Crocosmia and Lycoris radiata.
Yes indeedy!

p.s. - I have a big Crinum Lily in my backyard garden and I live in zone6/7, where the two zones meet in Central Oklahoma.
It is somewhat sheltered and I have very sandy soil. I have a friend who lives up in NE Oklahoma who has gigantic ones and it is much colder up in her neck of the woods. She is in zone 6, but her gardens are all built on terraces on the steep hillside behind their house (gorgeous), so get good drainage. I think that is the trick in this region.
What colour(s) do you have? I think mine is pink. Can't recall. Isn't that pitiful?

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Nell, I have agapanthus, and butterfly ginger. I don't need another crinum just now, as I just got a huge bucket of bulbs given to me by friend Pat. These are the Jagus.

I would love to trade for some lycoris radiata in the future, and I could use some crocosmia.

Do you want any of these jagus?


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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Oops, I just realized the date.

Probably don't have anymore, huh?


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Nell Jean

I'm all done with trading.

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