carrollcharletJune 18, 2013

My soil was pretty nitrogen rich but doesn't have much else going on. Can I top fertilize my foot tall plants, and with what type fertilizer? I would appreciate advise!

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Liquid spray on fertilizer like Miracle Grow can always be used to keep dahlias growing strongly. When plants are small, do not over fertilize with granular fertilizer. Spray Miracle Grow on foliage with it once week or so and that should do it. .

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I used the tomato spikes. They are very little. Miracle Grow has so much salt in it. Our soil is so salty anyway.

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I wish there was another spray on other than Miracle Grow. It has a ton of salt in it. I am in CO and there is already salt in the soil.

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I add a healthy pinch of bone meal to each hole as I plant the tubers. You can also scratch it into the surface around the plant.

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