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kcutlerJune 30, 2006

I recently planted a dahlia in my garden and overnight it had a large percentage of it eaten by slugs, including the top of the main stem. I have put out a barrier an deterrent for the slugs, but I am wondering what I can do - if anything - to help this plant survive and eventually bloom this year. It does have a few solid leaves left, and there are a few new leaves emerging; but with the top stem damaged, is there any chance it will bloom this year?

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I had a slug work over one of mine while I was on vacation. I put more bait out and it seems to be recovering. It has lots of nice green shoots where before it was just two slimy stumps leveled to the ground. The jury is still out on whether this one will make it and bloom, since I am also battling some underground symphylans that have gotten 6 of my dahlia tubers already.

I wish you luck with your dahlias and curses on those rotten slugs, but at least I can give you a little hope that the plant should sprout a little green.. :)

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

"Topping" the main stem is the way most dahlia growers ensure a bushier plant with more laterals - the slug just did it for you! It's usually done when the plant is about 2' tall & has a couple of rows of leaves. It should come back just fine & bloom for you until frost.

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