Instructions for Posting Pics from Photobucket

memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)February 25, 2008


Oringinally Posted by NATVTXN:

Photobucket. My knowledge is very elementary.

It works best, for me, if I have photobucket open and the site I want to post open also. Then I can switch back and forth.

log in, you will see an area that has three windows that say browse.

click one and it should take you to your "my pictures"

select a pic. and click open. This will show up in the browse window, with the title above it. A green check mark will be on the left.

Click the Blue upload "button"

Once it loads, scroll down to see your pic.

under the photo will be 4 windows(?). click on the 3rd window (HTML code). It will turn blue, then right click and hit copy in the box that pops up.

Switch back to Cottage G. If you have a post started, right click and click paste. If you have not strted a post, go ahead and type all that info and then right click to past. For me it works best if I hit "enter" twice after each pic. pasting. That way they don't run over each other.

A bunch of symbols and letters should paste.

When you click preview message, your pic should be appear in the preview.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I know this has been up for more than a year and I'm wondering if Photobucket has changed since then. I've noticed here and on other forums that this method of posting pics results in a huge photo that causes text to be stretched out across the page.

Would it be possible to update these instructions? Photobucket now offers clickable thumbnails and those don't interfere with text positioning. There's also a resizing tool, but it appears to be a bit of a hassle. Could someone explain how to use that?

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treelover(z8b SoCtrlTX)

Okay, folks . . . I've just posted new instructions.

If I left anything important out, or something in it is wrong, please feel free to re-post it with corrections and/or additions.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Treelover, thank you so much!!! Looks like a very thorough explanation. I noticed you omitted the disclaimer at the top about not posting to the thread. Hopefully it'll stay put.

The main reason I brought this up now ... other than the need to scroll to read ... is because even with a cable connection those pics take a while to load. I can only imagine what it's like with less speed or dial-up.

Thanks again!!!

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treelover(z8b SoCtrlTX)

Oh, shoot...I knew I'd forget something. We'll call this a first draft.

If anyone tries following those instructions and finds something that should be changed, let me know. I've saved the code, so it'll be easy to re-post.

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