Best tasting oranges, mandarins, tangelos & grapefruit

laslovescatsOctober 22, 2006

What are your favorite (best tasting) varieties of oranges, mandarins, tangelos & grapefruit? I have a new greenhouse and would like to purchase more dwarf citrus trees. Right now I have a Washington Navel, Cara Cara Navel, Valencia Orange, Owari Satsuma, Improved Meyer Lemon, Key Lime, and a Lisbon Lemon. I purchased them all from Four Winds Growers. Briteleaf and Harris look like they have good varieties too, although Briteleaf doesn't have very much in stock right now, and I'm not sure Harris sells dwarf trees.

Which varieties do you think are the most productive for container growing? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!


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Leslie, write Ruth at Harris and ask her if she has anymore dwarfs in stock. She's a really nice person..You can also phone her.
The only dwarfs I have are Oro grapefruit and Calmondin. Ironcially, though I have over 20 citrus, I don't eat the fruit..LOL..I enjoy growing them, so can't comment on their taste. Anyway, write Ruth and ask if she has dwarfs left. As for BRiteleaf, she's in the process of moving which is why she has very few plants. Toni

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rickjames(9 Cali)

Flavor will often depend in growing conditions and is quite subjective.

My favs:
Sweet orange: Trovita--very productive; Lane Late--very productive; (Cara-cara only ok here on a very young tree, but really good from the grocery store :)
Mandarin: Pixie, Clementine, [Satsuma (Owari)], Gold Nugget--all quite productive.
Grapefruit: hybrids Cocktail grapefruit (soo good!) and Oroblanco.

I never met a tangelo that I like. Minneola seems to be an aggressive grower, haven't had home-grown fruit.

Temple Tangors (aka Royal mandarin) and Ortaniques are supposed to be very good, but I haven't liked them much though I have yet to have home-grown. I fully expect the Temple to not be good here, but you may do well with them in a greenhouse setting (they like heat).

You may wish to think about a pummelo (like Chandler), or sweet acidless citrus like Palestine sweet limes or Mexican sweet lemons--quite interesting fruit that you may not be able to purchase easily. I like the acidless ones, though I agree with descriptions that the typical American palate may find them a little insipid.

Sour/bitter oranges I find very easy to grow and are quite ornamental.


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Toni, I'll send Ruth a message to see if she has any dwarf trees. She has a nice selection. I'm new to citrus growing, so this board has been a big help. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks!

Rick, thanks for your suggestions about varieties. I was actually thinking about trying a Trovita, Late Lane and Minneola. It's always good to hear what other people have tried and enjoyed. Do you know who sells the Pixie and Gold Nugget?

Have a great evening!

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I have never seen a bad satsuma. some may be a little better than others. Personally I would buy from four winds in California. They do not have greening disease or citrus canker.

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Pecanman, I've been ordering from Fl w/o any citrus canker. Maybe I've been lucky, but so far so good..thanks for the thought. Toni

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suzannesks(z 7 WA.)

WOW that name is a long one.LOL! My dwarf citrus are mostly all from Four winds and are very productive.They are also greenhouse grown in cedar barrels.And are grown in dirt:) I have a Meyer Lemon,Lisbon Lemon,Bearss Lime that puts out bushells of limes every year and Owari Satsuma,Indiomandarinquat,Cara Cara,Rio Red Grapefruit. Living here in the Northwest,Washington State,the oranges & grapefruit do produce and are slow to ripen even with extra lighting. But my Lemons & limes put out bushell's of fruit that is perfect.I love the dwarf tree's. They have stayed very healthy and productive.And yes, I do alittle trimming on them also when needed:) ***Suzanne

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Suzanne you have a nice selection. I'm glad to hear your trees are doing well in your greenhouse. How old are your container trees and do the orange and grapefruit trees give your family enough to snack on? I have a few little babies growing on my Meyer Lemon, so I'm excited.

Pecanman, I'm looking forward to the Satsumas. I've heard they are really tasty. Four Winds is definitely a top notch company!

It's supposed to get down into the 30's tonight here in North Carolina, so I have the heater cranked up in my greenhouse already.

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suzannesks(z 7 WA.)

las, most of my citrus are 5 to 6 years old. I bought most of them as 2 year tree's.I bought my Mandarinquat last year as a 2 year old tree and my Rio Red Grapefruit so I am waiting for these to put out...and I do have little oranges on my Cara Cara too.But, being here in the Northwest grapefruit & oranges I'll be happy to have them just put out fruit.I keep my greenhouse at around 50 to 60 degree's.I kinda let them semi sleep through the winter. And they get natural light this time of year to through the winter.I do use a shade cloth in summer,so they don't get burned. Some of my citrus I do bring out to spend the spring ,summer,early fall.But the large cedar tubs I can't and would not move unless I had a forklift! LOL!But to be honest I have enough supply of lemons & limes to keep me most of the year through and also the neighbors.But one thing I've learned for my growing experience is they depend on being fed.Also I add to their soil recipe every year.They all get a fluff job.***Suzanne

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My best tasting are my Owari Satsuma tangerines, Blood orange was tasty and my Pomelo was very tasty.

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suzannesks(z 7 WA.)

Cindy, That is my next purchase...Blood Orange.And I also want a Calamondin.Are yours potted or inground?***Suzanne

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All are potted and in a greenhouse. I want to try some cold hardy citrus in the ground next year.

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