Will Dahlia stay hardy in my zone (#6)?

Jhalaks(Zn 6, MA(South))June 1, 2005

Hi all

Last fall I had to dig out my dahlia and planted them back in this spring. This time I have planted them 6" below the ground level. So this fall if I don't dig it out and mulch them well and cover it with plastic, will they stay hardy and come back next year?

Have any one tried this before? Or should I not take this risk?



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Dahlias are not hardy in this zone. Unfortunately, we have to dig them in the fall.
Be thankful that you don't have to dig and store 2 acres of those beauties...........

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

flowerfarmer that would be a job. i have about and 1/8th of an acre and i'm not really looking forward to it. :o)But yes you WILL have to dig them up or they will die.

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cliff98(z6 OH)

I have always been confused about their hardiness. We planted 6 dahlias the first year we moved into our house 14 years ago, and have never once removed them or protected them and they re-emerge in the spring and flower all summer long. They get bigger and bigger each year.

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Lucky you Cliff98. They must be in a protected spot. Hope you didn't just jinx yourself though.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Flowerfarmer I am so sick of dahlia tubers by December, and of being cold and wet, that I wonder why I bother. This time of year I'm like a kid anticipating a birthday gift.
I cannot imagine two acres of digging- hope you have lots of help.

Cliff, you would marvel at the clump of tubers you must have underground by now. Are they by a building, or dryer vent? I have left some in our ground Zone 7 but wet, wet, wet and not uncommon for a freezing spell in the winter. I protect them with plenty of straw/fern fronds, leaves or such and they come back too.

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cliff98(z6 OH)

South side of the house about 3 feet from the foundation. Our house is complete brick and it does radiate quite a bit of heat. I have cannas and elephant ears come back each year too. Most people I know in Cincinnati don't dig their cannas up, atleast the ones near their houses.

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Jhalaks(Zn 6, MA(South))

So that means from all of your comments I can give it a shot for one tuber and see if it comes back for me. If it does then from next year I will try that. Does it sound okay?
Thank you all for your comments.
Cheers 8^)

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This dahlia is supposetly hardy for zone 6

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.oldhousegardens.com/bigFlwr.asp?Cat=MrsIDeVerWarner

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I leave my dahlias in the ground. I cover the stems with heavy duty foil so rain cannot get in, then mulch them with grass clippings. so far I haven't lost any.After 2 years you should dig them or the clumps get so big I can hardly lift them out of the ground.

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Thanks, I will experiment with the foil.

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I have one dahlia that I never dug up that comes back every year... My lucky dahlia!

I am wondering how this all worked out!!!

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I have 3 kinds of dahlias which are all planted pretty deeply in upstate NY where it can get down to 0F during the coldest part of winter, except these extremes almost always correlate with having a few inches of snow cover. I do mulch them over in the fall, but they seem to come back every single spring with no problems.

I really don't understand why they are rated for zone 8 when they grow up here in zone 6 so easily. I mean they just come back stronger each year with more tubers no matter how harsh the winter is no matter where I plant them.

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Barbara Evers

I always lift and store my dahlias - zone 5b, but accidentally left a couple in my sister's raised bed in downtown Hamilton - zone 6b. Last Winter in Southern Ontario was quite harsh, but both clumps of tubers had lovely new sprouts by June 11. I may leave some in the ground at her place and mine next winter - to see what happens.

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The answer to your question is yes......And no...

I am in 6b, I dug all my tubers up, cleaned them, separated them, and stored them for winter. But I forgot to dig up the tubers from 1 plant. So just days after planting my tubers this year in late April to early May, I noticed new stems popping up from where the dahlia that I forgot to dig up had grown. Well, that plant actually grew much faster than the tubers I dug up last fall and planted again this fall. In fact, that plant is now 5.5 feet tall right now, with its first flowers starting to open yesterday. It only took about 65-68 days to get there! Thats faster than any year when I previously transplanted tubers from that same variety in the spring. Also, we had a fairly rough winter with lots of snow and cold temperatures, and this dahlia still survived with no added mulch over the soil it was buried in.

I am going to try leaving many tubers in the ground over winter from now on. I will probably dig up and separate some, then store half over winter, and leave half in the spot where I want them to grow next year, but make sure they are about 6-7" deep with mulch over top of that 6-7" of soil for extra protection.

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