Been thinking about this for a few years.

notolover(5)November 10, 2012

I was trying to figure out an easier way to water my plants when they are in the sunroom for the winter.

So I ordered some trays from Grower's Supply and next payday I'm getting a Shop Vac to suck up all the water coming out of the pots into the trays. Otherwise I had to carry all the plants (except the big guys) to the kitchen sink several times over the winter/spring.

With the job I have now, I don't have the luxury of all that time. I figure this should cut my watering time to a few hours each time. I think I retarded their growth because I didn't water enough in late spring before they all went back outside.

Now if I can only figure an easy way to keep those pesky spider mites from attacking my Lobivias/Trichocereus when I don't have time to look.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Interesting Idea..

I've been watering on a grate from an old grill placed over a bucket.

Come spring I was thinking of fish tank tubing running from the drip trays to a bucket.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I like these ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

A lot of plants I just water with a squirt bottle. Put it somewhere between a single stream and mist, like a little shower. A few squirts is fine for a lot of plants and I don't have to worry about runoff. I don't think flushing is all that important during the winter when watering is done so infrequently.

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JoJo--you really think outside the box, fish tubing sounds like a great idea!

Purpleinopp--I have done the squirt bottle watering in the past also--at least they were getting something and I think I had better flowering, too. But when the sunroom starts warming up in April, I'm afraid if I don't give them a good drink, the roots will suffer. Especially my Notocactus since I don't take them out until late May/early June.

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