container size?

samfawzy10(Z5)June 24, 2009

Is the size of container is good or I need to use larger one?

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Poochella(7 WA)

Nice foliage! How big IS the container in width/depth and how many plants do you have in it?

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

LOTS of foliage. I am thinking that you must have a lot of plants there.

Another question, what type of dahlia do you have? If they are dwarfs, the size may be okay, ... with a few less plant ... but it may be okay with those also.

However, if you have a larger dahlia, I am thinking that the pot is too small. My four foot dahlias would be toppled in that pot with the slightest breeze.

Also, I like to give my plants some breathing room, and especially some room near the soil. I actually cut off the leaves from the bottom 4 inches or so, just to avoid mildew or mold from forming. I want the breeze to keep the surface of the soil relatively dry, even though I water every day.

I think I have addressed a couple of concerns. I am not being critical however, just concerned about what MAY happen.

Enjoy your beautiful flowers. Do you have any buds yet?

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Thanks poochella and jroot.

It is a dwarf plant and I made a mistake by potting the whole rhizomes/tuber (from last year)- I should divide it.
I decided to re-pot in a larger container to give some breathing room to the plant - as jroot said.
Yes, jroot I have few buds.


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This relates to my situation, but the picture is gone. How big are the plants. How big are the containers?

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Wayne, the original post was from 2009, but the question is a good one.

The answer can be all across the board, from some growers swearing that the ground is the only way to grow them for acceptable blooming and size, to others that use gallon pots and grow large dahlias for competition. It seems that climate and the variety you choose to grow, as well as cultivation habits of the grower have an extreme impact on the results. By cultivation habits, I mean the soil composition, fertilizing schedule and watering.

The short dahlias are said to be the best for pots, ranging from 12' to 2'. The larger the pot, the more moisture it will maintain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing dahlias in pots

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