Moving Dahlias

dwpc(8a - N Arizona)June 18, 2010

I have 10 Bishop of Llandaff (?) coming up right where a contractor has to dig. They're about 2 ft tall but not quite blooming yet. Should I dig them out with a root ball, cut them down and restart the tubers, or just write them off?

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

I would dig the whole rootball/tuber mess up. Water really well before and after and try to get them in the shade for a few days and they should be fine.

Pinching them back 1/3 would help, but I woudl not totally cut them off, I do not see a need for it.


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Are you sure about the watering? I have the same problem

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Roots are pretty brittle when they are dry, so it helps to water any plant before you move them.

Watering afterword to get all the air pocket outs and reduce stress on the plant.

So, yes I am sure. But every yard is different and watering needs could vary a bit.


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