meyers ripening

houstontexas123(z9a)October 24, 2011

with the few cool fronts we've had my meyers are turning yellow, about 50% atm. picked one and made a big cup of lemonade. somewhat sour w/ a hint of sweetness. didnt add any sugar, just water, ice and half a meyer.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Nice! I only have three this year because I re-potted everything this spring and lost a bunch that had set. I will enjoy them with a nice beer.

I like to let mine get just a bit of orange tint, seems to sweeten them up a little.


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I have a small Meyer Lemon tree that I bought from Four Winds in CA last May. When it arrived, the tree was in blossom and I now have three three lemons, a little bit larger than a Bearss lime, that are also starting to turn yellow. I moved the plant inside around October 1 when the nights started to chill down. It gets nice morning sun if the sky isn't cloudy and there is a grow lamp that helps supplement the sunlight...I expected the lemons to continue to grow during the next few months and then turn yellow next spring. But since the tree is so small it's probably best that the fruit not get any larger.


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My mother in law snuck over to the house and "borrowed" 3 meyers off my tree. Don't think I can complain though since I got a slice of homemade lemon meringue pie out of it.


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bayoufilter(9a HouTX)

Mine is potted, it decided to go crazy blooming in early October and a lot of those are setting. I paid more attention to keeping the roots from drying out this summer; that may be paying off.
Feeding it with fish pond water.

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