Freezing Satsuma Juice?

HGFzone8October 13, 2012

Can you freeze Satsuma juice? I have a Brown Select that is loaded this year. I freeze my Meyers juice but didn't know on the satsumas.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

I don't see why not, HGF. I don't think mandarin juice gets bitter in the refrigerator, like navel orange juice does, so I would freeze away! I just had some fresh squeeze Gold Nugget mandarin juice last Friday, and oh boy was that off the hook good.

Patty S.

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Yes, you can freeze it. As is true with all citrus juices, if you don't pasteurize it first or treat it with enzymes, it will lose its "cloud" on thawing -- the pulp will quickly float on clear serum-like liquid. But just stir or shake it up, and it's "normal" again.

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IMHO only the Meyer does not separate on thawing; but then, the Meyer is exceptional in so many ways.

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That is great news. I want to work on satsuma recipes as well.

Thanks everyone.

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Satsuma freezes very well, I still have a little bit from last year. It still taste pretty good.

I freeze mine in gallon ziploc bags, make storage a somewhat easier. Most years a put up fifteen to twenty bags
of satsuma juice.

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I used to use ziplock on my Myers but once in a while, they would get a leak. I found some screw top plastic containers that work good but do take up more freezer space.

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