The Tubers That Will Not Die.

mysteryrose(z5)June 18, 2012

With roses and delphiniums, I know what I'm doing, but with dahlias, not at all. I did nothing to last fall's dahlia tubers except wash them off in a mild bleach solution and let the large clumps (uncut) lie in a shallow cardboard box in the basement, putting off separating the tubers, thinking I might not have dahlias in the garden this year anyway. Things in the only available bed had gotten too crowded. The tubers must have thrived on neglect; now there are two inch green shoots on them!

You guessed it. Now I have found a place to plant them and wonder if a few can be saved. Do I plant last year's whole "mother" tuber or what?

Many thanks.

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I know there are more complete instructions on here some where, but here is a link with images of dividing tubers. I cut the spindly shoots down to about 1 1/2 " when I plant them.

In the right conditions those tubers are hardy!. My mother gave me some tubers a number of years ago that I put in a cardboard box under a table in my basement and completely forgot about them until the following July when I spotted a red flower growing out of the box, one actually bloomed!

Here is a link that might be useful: dividing tubers

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