Dahlias in containers

covellaJune 11, 2008

I had some tubers from last yr that I wasn't sure were going to make it and I planted them all together in one giant 60 gallon pot. Lo and behold 9 of them are up.

Now I need to get these transplanted before they get too big.

How close should you plant dahlias? In my clay soil I have not had good luck at all w dahlias so for that reason and to avoid the continuous stinky deer-ex applications I use very large containers. I usually put 2-3 of the smaller flowered dahlias in a 60 gallon container but wondering if I should make it 1 or 2 to increase bloom.

I always intend to fertilize more and hardly get to it - I plant w Bulbtone organic slow release.

I also want to report that using my mix from last yr is going very well for this yrs crop. Last yr I mixed a professional container mix with triple shredded bark, Sweet Peat, top soil, various rock powders and organic fertilizer and peat moss. Last yr it held too much water, this yr I mixed what I had w perlite, sand, a little more peat, and a little more top soil to make my container mix. It holds water very well, but the roots are really growing in it so I'm ok with that. I continue to experiment with container mixes....

Well if anybody else is growing dahlias in containers please tell me how close you are planting them. Just interested in how your bloom production is.



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Last year I had a dog run through my new dahlia plants so I had to put some up in plastic storage containers. Had great results. I also build my own wood containers. They are on the large size. I have four dahlias in one wood container that is 2foot high by 6foot long and two foot wide. I hope that helps.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Hi A,
I have none in containers this year but did last year and they do fine. The taller (4 ft) dahlias are perhaps a bit less productive in flowers than garden-grown, but they do just fine and produce as many tubers. The containers I used are ~14" diam x 14" tall. I used 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 compost and 1/3 veggie soil mix which is a high % sand, compost, topsoil mix. I used Soil Moist granules. Watering more often as the pots are black, was the only difference in care.

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