what to do with mushy tuber from an order

linda021025(6B)June 4, 2008

For those of you that buy thru mail-order, what do you do

I had ordered tubers for the first time this year - from two different vendors on the west coast- did it back in December They were small orders - 8-10 from each. I did delay planting for about 45 days but had checked both orders when I got them and they were ok, packed in shavings

When planting, 3 tubers (all three same kind) in one order were mushy. After planting, 1 tuber in the other order rotted out at the end.

I didn't tell the vendors - felt funny - my thoughts were sortof 'buyer beware'. And while I don't want to think that I will lose $3-$5 in each order, I just feel odd about doing it.

What do you all do? Tell the vendor? Do you expect or get replacement?

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Last year I had a few that rotted in the ground. We didn't have a wet period after I had planted them so I knew it wasn't my weather. I emailed the vendor and they were replaced for this year. I would let them know - they might replace, they might not - but it doesn't hurt to ask. You might have to wait until next season for your replacement though if they don't have the variety anymore.

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Next time ask them to ship closer to your planting time so you don't have to store them- most vendors will keep them for you - then you can plant right away & they won't have a chance to go mushy on you. You can still get your order in early but just ask for a later shipping date.

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

Definitely tell the vendor of anything that doesn't produce. Mine was happy to record the fact so my next year's order would receive credit, and, to boot she threw in 2 extra tuber choices for next year. I did not need anything to be replaced immediately, but I did get the feeling had I asked she would have accommodated with anything she still had stock of.

I have a very good experience, and I think all vendors would likely strive to be as accommodating.


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I received new tubers and xtras when I reported my rotten tubers. There were some from the 4 companies I used. I told them not to send me the tubers so early next year.

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