When to Fertilize?

nhdahlialoverJune 17, 2007


I have lots of little dahlias coming up now ranging from just poking through to ones that were started indoors and are 12 inches+ (even one that's already blooming!)What should I do about fertilizing? I didn't at all last year and still had a bunch of tubers make it through the winter to grow this year but they (the tubers) were really small compared to the ones I ordered this spring. Does it matter as far as growth and bloom goes that the tubers were small? What should I fertilize with? And when?



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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I fertilize my brugmansia every week, and while doing that give my dahlias a shot as well with a balanced liquid / water fertilizer. It seems to help, and they don't complain,- at least not audibily. :)

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judy1(Z6 NL CANADA)

I use about 1/2 cup of bonemeal in each hole when planting and side dress with granular 6-12-12 twice during the growing season when plants are still in the green stage and again after four weeks, but not too late in the fall when plants are dying back as you want the energy to go back into tubor.

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