dahlias flopped

mzdee(6b)June 14, 2013

and the leaves are wilting. I planted two nice sized tubers last month. They took off like wild fire and have grown to about 8 or 9 inches high with nice thick stems. They were upright with no staking. We did have heavy rain for the last couple of days. Today, they were laying on the ground and leaves have started to wilt. No stems are broken, so I don't think its storm damage. Anyone else experience this?

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I would gently dig out the earth around the tuber, and check to see if the stem cracked at the tuber. Sounds like that's what might have happened. Twist gently on the stem, and if it rotates loosely, you might as well take it completely off and let a new sprout form on the buried tuber.

You can try to root the stem in 3-4 inches of sterile soil in a cup with a gallon ziplock for two weeks(Take all wilting leaves off), and plant that out once it roots strongly.

If it is still attached strongly, take off wilting leaves, stake it firmly, and hope for the best!


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Thanks CC
I'll give it a try. I didn't know you could root frm the stem. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing :-)

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Unfortunately, thicker stems are harder to root, from my experience, but its worth a try! Search this forum for 'cuttings,' and a whole new world will open up!


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