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aseedisapromiseNovember 13, 2012

Was going through my spreadsheet of plants, and here's one I don't know what it is. Haworthia, but what kind? It's a clump in a six in. azalea pot. My son had one he bought at the grocery long ago that was like this, but it was about twice as big and the stems were longer and the leaves were chunkier. I've never known what either one was. Thanks!

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

It looks like a variety of Haworthia attenuata. Nice clump! =)

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I didn't think it was that because the dots were all random, and the photos I had seen all looked like the dots were lined up in stripes. But I did notice one on the arid lands site that was Haworthia attenuata var attenuata, (whatever that means-var=variety? variation? variable?), that had the dots all random. So- that's what I'll call it I guess. Thanks for your time!

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Yes, Barbara, var. means variety. You're welcome! =)

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