Dahlia not blooming, just tiny pink flowers

jds_portlandJune 24, 2009

Hi There,

I've had a Dahlia in a pot on my apartment patio for 3 years now. It grew back once and had no problems last year and hs grown back this year even bigger but seems to not be blooming.

It got ridiculously taller than usual it's about 5 feet or more growing out of the planter. The problem is that it only has many stalks with tiny pink flowers instead of the large pink/yellow blooms it usually has.

I've never had to do much but water it in the past and I know very little about gardening. I've uploaded a photo of it so you can get an idea.

What can I do to fix it?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Poochella(7 WA)

jds, I think to fix it you should pull it out, dump out your soil and see if your dahlia tubers have turned to mush. That monster looks awfully familiar as a popular NW weed. I'll take my camera down and get a shot of some leaves, probably little pink flowers too, as I have these same weeds sneaking up in my perennial bed.

Sorry, but that's what I think it is from the photo.

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ditto, Steve in Baltimore County.

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Aww man. Is the main tall stalk thing salvageable then? I thought the other parts looked too flimsy.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Sorry, I don't see anything that resembles dahlia growth from top right down to soil.

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It's been awhile so I guess I forgot what it looks like before it blooms. I hadn't even thought of it being a weed!
Now I feel like a dork for watering it. I had no idea a random weed could grow that tall though!

I'm not a total gardening failure though. I have a giant potted jasmine all twined up a small trellis. And I've had that for I think 3 years now and it's blooming well so far.

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Poochella(7 WA)

No need to feel like a dork. Even the weed appreciates a little TLC once in a while! If you can grow a jasmine there is complete hope! Here is the foliage of what I think is your plant

A little further away with blossom beginning middle left of center against the horrible backdrop of phlox,spent geranium, crocosmia, a lone foxglove, and sweet woodruff run amok. Not a good photo, sorry. The little pink blooms go on to produce fluffy white tufts of seeds that float away to other portions of the garden if left unpulled, as I recall. The weed is the one with maroonish stem beginning at the bottom of the photo.

And another closer up of fresher foliage. Nice of me to include it inside the ribbed cage for the asters wasn't it? Even weeds need support:)

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