Couldn't resist - beautiful Caribbean Fantasy

davidinsfJune 20, 2014

I have been waiting 3 years for one of my absolute favorites to grow. First they were sold out of it, then I found there were different Carib. Fantasy's on the web (how does that happen anyway?) so I had to email a vendor to make sure this was the exact one they were sending, then it didn't do very well last year. FINALLY it has bloomed!

I don't know exactly why I love it so much (I am not into white flowers actually) but I do love yellow/white dahlias but I think the added red stripes makes this one so unique. Like so many bi-colors, it actually will bloom differently from bloom to bloom.

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portia(PA 6B, Brandywine)

That's just beautiful. I am a fan!

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I can see why you love it, it is so gorgeous!. I too am interested in growing one. Would you share where you had bought it?

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Thanks Kousa.

I found mine at American Meadows.

But I would caution everyone - while I like A. M. overall and have had great customer service from them, they are a middleman outfit. They get their supplies from MANY vendors and do not always know what they are selling or sending. They have in the past sent me a different dahlia than what I ordered but were eager to replace it later. It just wastes a year of growing. And to be honest, perhaps 1/3rd of dahlias I ordered from them pooped out either in the first year or a year later. So I think the quality control is lacking but again, they simply order them from a supplier so I can't really blame A.M. too much. They are/were a victim as well.

Also, if you look at Dave's Garden online, you will see 3 different colored dahlias all saying Caribbean Fantasy. I also saw one on a vendor site that was obviously NOT C. F. So make sure what you order is the red white and yellow one.

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portia(PA 6B, Brandywine)

I had this in my cart from AM like a week ago but I ended up cutting myself off lol. I also googled for images of it because I feel like a lot of times the vendor photos show one face of a dahlia and I noticed they were really kind of random how different it looked--one site I found said that CF can manifest colors very differently in different gardens, zones, weather etc makes it a variable in terms of color.

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This is a tri color dahlia and the ADS needs to recognize that dahlias can have more than two colors. Link to a picture of dahlia that may be available next year that is about 6 inches in diameter and a cactus type. It is tri color too.

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Missy, Traverse City, Mi Z5

It is beautiful.

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So pretty :) Glad you could find it!

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That's one of those flowers that when I first see it it actually causes a gasp. Wow!

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I discovered this variety earlier today online, but when I did a google images search, my fears came true when I saw major variance in the appearance from picture to picture. Some, like the one above looked good, but many looked bad. There seem to be several dahlia varieties that look great in some adverts and for some growers, but other people have trouble getting them to look anything like the advert pictures. There are many dahlias that look unbelievably good on the growers' sites, but they look terrible in many pictures posted by other growers.

I bought Crazy Legs years ago from SI, and the ad pictures look great, but in reality very few flowers look that nice. Many/most end up looking kinda sloppy with colors smeared around.

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