yellow dots on the leaves of my lemon tree help

john_boy_berty(bn1 3ls)October 11, 2005

i have had my lemon tree for about 15 years which i planted from seed, it has never produced fruit but it still looks nice as it is only about 4 feet tall.

i have had a number or problems recently the main one being the leaves developing yellow dots and falling off untill there was only 3 left on the plant. i have cut it right back now and is has grown very rapidly but the yellow dots have started coming back and the leaves have started falling again. aghh

please help

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John how big are the yellow dots? Pinpoint or larger, and do they seem to grow? Toni

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The first question I would ask is...Why is a 15 year old lemon only 4-ft. tall? Have you been pruning it? If you have been pruning it that is why the tree has never fruited. As to the yellow dots on the leaves, a picture will be needed before an educated guess could be given, unless a further and more detailed explanation can be given. - Millet

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It is possible that the tree has an infestation of an insect called scale. Scale suck the jucies from the leaves, and by doing so remove the chlorophyl leaving small round yellow "halo" shaped spots. Scale infestations can easily cause leafdrop in citrus. Look for small round scab like insects on the top or bottom of the problem leaves. However, as you have been growing this tree for fifteen years, you probably are already well versed concerning scale. - Millet

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