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mollydJuly 24, 2006

Hi all,

I'd like to know how those of you who aren't in business use PayPal. I went to their web page but couldn't make heads or tails out of their system. What does it cost? What catergory for private individuals who just want to use them to make online purchase payments?


Molly D

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Molly, I have an account, but don't use it all that much, simply because I don't buy a lot. Will tell you what I know and others can correct or add to my post.

I have a personal account. I can send payment throuh PayPal and they deduct it from my checking account. I cannot have PayPal charge it to a credit card, although one might be able to set up the account that way (not sure). There is no charge to the buyer. The seller pays a small percent of the transaction amount. If you don't like the idea of PayPal being able to withdraw funds from your checking account, I believe you can deposit an amount directly with PayPal. I am not sure of this.

It is a very convenient way to pay for auction wins and I have had no problems. Hope this helped a little, although I confess it "ain't" much.


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Thanks Royce you've answered my main concern which was if there was a charge to me for using it.

Molly D

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Hi Molly,
I use Paypal all the time. I like their protection program. They will help you get a refund if you have problems with a seller. I've had to do this a couple of times when the merchandise (not daylilies) never arrived or was damaged. You can also give Paypal your credit card number and charge. You can switch back and forth - use your checking account one time and use your credit card another time. You can also set up an account where people pay you through Paypal (if you sell online) and the funds will go where you designate - either a bank or a paypal account that you can use for online shopping funds. This is all explained in more detail on their website. Good luck!

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FYI- You don't HAVE to have a CC as a backup source.
I didn't want to have my CC as a backup source, although as I recall, they 'required' a CC # for backup. All I wanted to use was my checking account. So I have my debit card put in as my backup source (it's a Visa Debit card). Basically, it means they have no 'backup' source because the debit card is only attached to my checking account. I don't have CC cards on my PP account.

I've had my PP account for a very long time, and it's AWESOME!

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Hi all,

Thanks for then info. I went last night and set it up. Great for the auction payments! I was getting tired of writing a lot of small checks (darn things cost money to buy!). It's on my debit card and I'm getting it set up for my checking (same thing actually :-)

Molly D

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If you worry about the security of linking your bank account to your paypal account, you can always set up a new bank account specifically for the paypal account. I know a lot of folks won't sign up for Paypal because they don't like linking their bank account to it. I've done it for years with no problem, but folks hear a horror store here and there and think that's the norm.

I actually think paypal is much safer because I'm not giving my cc # to everyone I buy from. Only PP has my cc#.

Please be aware of spoof emails that appear to come from PP tho. It may say something like you account is suspended, you have extra funds, you've sent a large sum payment to someone (when you know you haven't) and they need to verify that it was really what you meant to do, etc. The email will look very legitimate, but it always has a link in the email that you must click to take you to your account where you're asked to sign in. THEN the email sender gets your account info when you sign in from the link in the email. NEVER click on a link in a "paypal" email. Instead, open a new browser and go to paypal and log into your account yourself. Then you can check out the validity of any claims in the email. And forward the email to "". They'll let you know if it came from them or not.


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Thanks NancyAnn that's good info to have.

Molly D

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Yep, I had that happen to me...Someone sent me an e-mail saying that my Pay-Pal account had to be up-dated and would I please click on the link an up date my account. The first thing I did was open a broswer and went to my account and checked with them and they told me that it wasn't from them and that my account was active. Some folks from the LA won't accept PP though and you still have to send a check..LOL. Ain't that the pits....Ellie

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Much faster and easier with Pay Pal. Not to mention you don't have to drive 20 miles rt if you run out of stamps!


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sharons2(z3-4 ID)

So, how good is the PayPal protection program? I ordered one item from a seller, and it seems that I got sent two of them. But because the seller used the same postage on both boxes, I have to pay extra postage for the unwanted box or send both back. I rather suspect that if I send both boxes back, I may not get my item at all - or a refund either - if the seller is willing to cheat on the postage. (He also doesn't respond to questions in emails.)

The seller has been reported for mail fraud.

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