Daylily disease

mikebc49July 23, 2007


I have grown daylilies for many years and have never encountered this problem. Several daylilies at various sites in my yard have begun to wither and die. Is this rust? There are no outward symptoms, just dying leaves as if drought were a factor. Is there a cure, can I replant in the same spot, and why did it suddenly appear this year with no new additions since spring of 2006?

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Hi Mike, Your problem does not sound like rust to me. Rust does not kill daylilies, in my experience. It only makes the foliage unsightly. If you will repost your question in the Daylily Discussions Forum, perhaps one of the experts can help figure out what is wrong. This side (Conversations) is for off-topic discussion and I'm afraid they might not see your question. At the top of this page click on the link that says "Return to the Daylily Forum". That should take you to the right spot.

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Check the crown to see if it is mushy.Could be crown rot.

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