How much water?

aggieroseJune 12, 2011

How much water do dahlias need? I have my first 2 and I've been watering them everyday. I'm in Tx, the dahlias are in full sun and it's been really hot here. They now have leaves that are turning brown and crispy. Are they getting too much sun maybe? Not enough water? I'm growing purple creme de cassis if that makes a difference.

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Growing in Minnesota is probably a lot different than TX; so take my advice with a grain of salt.
What have temps been like? Dahlias thrive in full sun; but in my experience; they don't like really hot weather. I think if you are getting a lot of heat; keep soaking your plants as long as you have good drainage. With our generally cool spring / early summer here; I go really easy on the water because dahlia tubers are prone to rot - especially with young plants that haven't fully developed. Once they are up and going; and the weather really heats up - I'll increase my watering a lot. I've read that by the time you get buds on your plants; the amount you water will predict your bloom size more than how much you fertilize. If you are in a hot area of TX; I would consider planting your dahlias in an area that gets 5-6 hours of morning sun; and afternoon shade.

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Well, maybe they are just too hot. I'm in the Dallas area and it has been hot here - around 100. Only 2 of my 20 bulbs came up. One of them gets a little morning shade, but is in full sun the rest of the day, and the second one is in full sun all day long. The one in full sun all day is doing much worse than the other one. I watered them a lot yesterday and they were even more droopy today. I thought they did well in full sun, but I guess not. They are about a foot tall now, but no buds in sight.

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this is my first year growing one, not sure on the type but it has big bright yellow flowers with dark foliage. i ahve had it for 1 month and had 3 flowers and have about 6 more coming up. i have mine in Sunshine growers mix#4 and water every few days, and once a week i fertilize with foliage pro@1/4 strength with a little vineager. it seems to be really happy. it has only been in the upper 60's and sun from 2-sunset.

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When are you watering? If it is during the day when the sun is strong, any water that may get on the leaves could cause a burn. I'm in NH, but sometimes when it's really hot and I water/we get a huge rainstorm, they're still droopy the next day.
If you only have two plants, is is possible to provide them with some shade for part of the day? I know it's not the prettiest thing for a garden, but I have heard of people in really hot regions using a beach umbrella to provide some shade for pert of the day.

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I am in South Carolina, zone 8, and the afternoon hot sun really scorched my dahlias.
I moved them to the front of my house where they get relief from the hot afternoon sun, and they are doing much better.
Not to say that you can't grow them in full sun all day long, but mine do better out of the hot afternoon sun.

Dahlias should be watered if they need it, in the early morning, a little like roses,so the water on the leaves dry during the day.
If you don't water them enough,they will get the powdery mildew, and you'll have to water more frequently.
Don't be surprised if they get the powdery mildew by August, for some reason no matter what I do, they seem to get it then, probably because their foliage is so large by then.
Good luck, I hope they grow well for you.

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I am experimenting here in Lahaina (z.11) Maui with dahlias, as you will seldom find a dahlia in these parts, especially dinner plate size! I guess it's because of our high temperatures and salty sea air.( I live a block from the beach) I planted approx. 60-70 tubers in May and early June, some in big pots and most in ground. Full sun 9:00a till 4:00p. I have been counting every day and have 31 plants ranging a foot to 3ft. tall, as of today! ( I only planted large size) I water them in the morning, (10:30am), and again in the evenings. I fertilized them with bone meal (once) and they seem to be doing fine. The leaves on bigger plants, in pots, wilt a little in afternoon, but water perks them up again. Good luck to youâ¦aloha!

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