A few more questions (with several pics)

jpbostonOctober 23, 2012

Hi again ---

**I'm in Glendale, AZ**

Just wanted to get people's opinion on a few of my citrus trees' abnormalities. One word of warning is, I've been pretty afraid to trim the trees as I'm a renter, and the landlord has never paid a legit landscaper to shape the citrus trees. I always tell the standard issue landscapers to leave the fruit producing trees alone. They've grown very well, but they're not shaped in a pretty way at all. I'd appreciate feedback on just what I should prune away. Basically, I'd really like you all to take a look at the pics and tell me anything that comes to mind on what I can do to improve them.

My orange tree has very good growth, very solid fruit production, but the leaves are almost always kinda 'rolled up'. I've searched google, and it seems like it may be getting too much water, but I don't feel like I'm watering it 'that' much.

Orange Tree (wide shot)

Orange Tree (close up)

My lemon tree grew crazy as well, with many branches sagging like a weeping willow (two even snapped under the weight of the fruit). The top half of the tree stays up though, making it look pretty odd(you can see in the wide shot pic that the tree is basically separated in half, top-bottom). The leaves are very often yellowing, and there are a lot of 'bald spots' with no leaves... yet fruit production remains high. I'm also not sure about the type of growth I'm getting, as it's really wild and could be 'suckers' even though they're pretty high up on the tree.

Lemon Tree (wide shot)

Lemon Tree (close up)

Lemon Tree (close up #2)

Lemon Tree (close up #3)

(note the green branches shooting off from larger brown/grey one)

Thanks in advance!!!

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hopefully some of our AZ grower can chime in.

last summer during our drought and 100' temps in TX, my orange trees' leaves curled up. sometime its due to excessive water, sometimes too much heat and sun.

have you fertilized? what brand do you use, how often and at what strength? what's your watering schedule? how much water and how often?

i wouldnt worry about suckers up top, just the ones near the base of the trees.

there's really no correct way to shape a citrus. they can be pruned to look like a single trunk tree, or a wide lateral bush, or a tall vertical bush.

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

Go to your nearest Home Depot or other big box and buy some Arizona's Best Fertilizer and apply some. It might be considered too late to fertilize but you are in Glendale and your walls should retain some heat in case of colder weather. Also, some iron chelate would be useful. Don't bother pruning, it isn't recommended for citrus unless you have dead or diseased branches. I think you are having leaf issues since the tree is devoting a lot of energy to fruit production. Citrus are very heavy feeders. Arizona's best isn't real expensive (considering you are renting) and is formulated for our soils. Hope this helps and greetings from Tucson! Houstontexas123 asked some good questions. Any other questions, just ask!

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I hope Arizona's best includes Manganese; if not, in addition to chelated iron, I would look for manganese. Your leaves show classic manganese deficiency, not uncommon in citrus planted in AZ soils.

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Thanks guys!

I posted a detailed response in the late morning, but it disappeared. I think what happened was, I hit the 'preview' button not reading the text in the button and just assuming it was a 'post message' button. Whooops. I will post a better reply (again) later... Just wanted to say thanks for the quick responses. :)

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

The analysis for Arizona's best is as follows:


Sulfur, 16%
Iron, 5.0%
Zinc, 0.5%
Manganese, 1.0%



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