Made a bad newbie mistake planting dahlias

princessgrace79(8 PNW)July 20, 2013

This is my third year attempting dahlias - various mistakes led to no blooms or dead plants the last two seasons I tried it.

Unfortunately I got a little ahead of myself once again (what can I say, I seem to do better with vegetables) and planted them, but the wrong way. I planted them like all other bulbs I have head upright. Apparently I can't read. ha!

So I planted them in a nice raised bed (late, early June I think) and they are healthy looking, but the sprouts are FEET away from each other. Clearly they came out coming towards the surface in different directions.

Is there anything I can do about this? Would it be too risk to try to gently dig them out (I have three, all doing the same thing) and fix them upright with their stalks, or is that crazy talk? I really don't know what I am doing :)

On a happy note, one of my failed dahlias from last year took pity on me and has come up nice and green and happy. No blooms yet but I"m hopeful, since it looks like dahlias are supposed to. All my other ones rotted bc while we are zone 8, its wet here, but this one was planted on an incline so must have drained better than the others.

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Yes, it's to late. You would be tampering with their little roots system. I did that one year, lifted them before they started sprouting to put better soil under them and they grew back very slow, set them back by 4 weeks.

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