first Dahlia flowering

linaria_gwJuly 18, 2013

Hi there,
am just delighted that after an horribly wet cold spring finally the plants started going and today I cut the first open bloom of a "Glorie van Heemstede"
to keep me company in the office.

For this season I ordered a bunch of new cultivars, most of them water lily types that I really love.

Well, have a nice Dahlia season,

bye, Lin

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Lin, what a sweet, clear yellow that bloom is! Thank you for sharing!

Just you wait... You'll have four bouquets on your desk at all times, with no room to work, just because you HAVE to show them off! Love it!


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Hi CC,
thanks for your nice comment, that Glorie is definitely one of my favorites!
And yes, hoping for loads of bouquets, planed some kind of color scheme, so I had the option (if all keep growing nicely) to arrange warm, glowing, yellows, orange, reds, or,
more subtle, pale pink, pastel yellow, or dark purple with white.

and on an especially daring moment, perhaps hot pink with orange...

well, have a great Dahlia season, bye, Lin

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