Bloom TIme !

mandolls(4)July 29, 2010

This year my Dahlia bed went from 8 plants to 35. They are not all blooming yet, but the tubers that I started in indoor pots in April are starting to produce. This is a pic of the "harvest" from the last two days. Not impressive for those of you that grow hundreds of Dahlias - or those of you in warmer climates, but I am super excited. The yellow bloom (Inland Dynasty ?) is about 8 In. The Beach Bum, below it and to the right is my fave.

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Thanks for posting the photos - they look great! The beach bum is my favorite of your bunch too.
Keep posting everyone! I am waiting for mine to bloom here; and keep checking this forum and never see new photos. I know there are blooms out there!!

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Nice blooms , lovely arrangement ... thanks for sharing!


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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

That looks very much like one of my arrangements from last year. I too started early in pots, but they went a little too late into the ground due to a variety of circumstances. But buds are finally showing - and I should have some of my own arrangements to show off soon! Good job - just beautiful!

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Thanks for the feedback. I will post more pics as the others come into bloom. I think the expert Dahlia growers who are usually on this forum must be busy taking flowers to shows and selling at the market.

There was a lot more activity here in the spring when everyone was putting in the tubers.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Nice blooms, Mandolls! How can one not like dahlias with such variety? Great little Orchid in there too.

I absolutely love that vivid lavender trio off to the left. Do you know the name?

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Poochella, I am afraid I dont know the name of the violet Dahlia. It is a bush variety that we picked up at a big box store last year in a pot. I divided it last fall and have four of them this year about 3 ft tall. It is blooming like crazy 10-12 blooms at a time), but the stems are only 1-3 inches, making them difficult to use as a cut flower. If you are interested, I could trade you a tuber next spring.

And thats not an orchid (star shaped?) - thats Juul's Allstar from Swan Island. The only non orchid bloom in the pic is the yellow Jerusalem Artichoke flower.

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Poochella(7 WA)

The short stems on your lovely lavender won't do, I'm afraid, but it sure is a great color. I meant 'orchid' form of dahlia on Juul's Allstar which was a fabulous flower when I had it here. So cheery.

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Dont blame you Poochella, I wouldnt have purchased it, but the BF picked it up cheap for his parents patio, then brought it back here in the Fall. Still, they are a great color - I have been floating them in bowls of water, just to have some of them inside. And since I tend to cut almost all of my Dahlias and bring them in, its nice to have something in that bed that is always full of blooms.

And yeah - I should have realized that you new what you were talking about re: the "orchid". sorry

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Great shot of your dahlias. The dark background really makes them "pop" out at us.

Thanks for sharing.

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