Meyers Lemon Tree Fertilizing:

SeanPez(9)October 24, 2011

Hi All,

I just transplanted my Meyers lemon tree about 3 weeks ago into the ground. It seems to be doing ok. I dont have any leaves falling, and they are relatively green. I dont know the age of the plant but i was wondering when is it too soon to give fertilizer to my tree? If i start fertilizing it now will it become dependent on the fertilizer? I am starting to have flowering on my tree only a little but its still something!



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If it is making flowers, I would give it a light shot of fertilizer at the dripline. Generally, when you transplant or re-pot a Meyer, you want to give it a few weeks without fertilizer; the absence of nutrients causes the roots to grow in search of food; and after the roots, the limbs/leaves will grow and they will need food. Maybe in lieu of a soil fertilizer at the moment, you might apply a good foliar food, and give the roots another cupla weeks before you start your fertilizer regimen. FYI for my inground trees I fertilize them 3 times per year in January, May, and September, supplementing with micronutrients when I see evidence of deficiencies. If you are more interested in growth than fruit at this time, maybe because of the size or age, I would pick off the flowers as they appear; it will be followed by foliage growth and you will get another, stronger bloom in early Spring.

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