i hate squirrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cattleya17(6b/NY)July 13, 2007

i hate them i hate them i hate them thet ate my dinner plate dahliah bud. it was unfureling and they ate it they didnt just eat one they took the whole branch oh if i had abushmaster rifel I I I...... well what do i do in just so upset :( :(

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Hi Cattleya
The only thing I can do is commiserate. I have newly
planted Echinacea that seemed to be shrinking? I took
a good look and they were chewed down almost to the
ground and I remembered a rabbit scampering away when
I approached the area. Guess we'll just have to get
some Squirrel & Rabbit BEGONE!! Cheer up, it could
be worse, but I understand the frustration.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I know the feeling. I have had several chomped off near the base. @#$%& ! ... and right under my nose.

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Dear Friends: Now I didn't get a nice photo of my squirrel but I knew that he had been in one of my flower boxes hanging over the deck. I heard that moth balls help that they don't like the smell so I wrapped some in little bags of cut up panty hose ( one in each end) and it seems to have worked as they have not returned and its been several weeks.

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I feel your pain. I have bunny rabbits that love my rose bushes. How they can eat those thorns and still hop around is beyond me, but they do it. This is my first year with Dahlias, and so far everything's leaving them alone.

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I wonder if Liquid Fence would deter squirrels? I don't have a problem with them (yet). No really big trees in the area (newly developed). Liquid Fence does work well to keep the rabbits out of my roses.

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I use to have a big problem with animals big and small using my garden as a buffet. The Liquid Fence has helped amazingly. It actually does keep the squirrels out because I still see them chillin' in my neighbors' yards but they NEVER come in to mine anymore. I spray it about every other day and that seems to work well. I know it smells like "rear end" but it works wonders.

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