Yellowing Leaves, pics.

IrrelephantOctober 20, 2012

first of all, this is Andrew, I made a new account because the email my old one was associated with was overrun with spam.

One of my my meyer lemons has yellowing leaves, but none have dropped, and one or two are completely yellow. I flicked them a little bit to see if they were going to drop, but all the leaves are still on firmly, just yellowing.

There are two limbs that are growing like suckers, but they seem to be above the graft line. They have shown no signs of yellowing.

It was outside for several months, when this started. It had an ant problem, so I re-potted it. It kept declining and now it's not just the tips of leaves that are yellow, but some of the old ones are completely yellow and the newer ones are starting to yellow starting at the tips, but the veins lose their green slower. Any clue what's wrong?

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have you fertilized?

what mix did you repot with?

looks like those branches are above the graft line to me too. should be ok. just depends if you want a bushy look or tree look.

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I have fertilized.
The mix was a lot of .4 bark.4 peat .2 perlite
I don't care about bushy or tree as long as it's healthy.

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when old leaves have generalized yellowish to the entire leaf, I believe that is a nitrogen deficiency. Probably should get more info from others who know more. My experience is pretty limited to my one meyer lemon tree I have, lol.

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I can't seem to make the picture open; maybe you could post it using the "image file to upload" at the Post a Follow Up at the bottom of the page.

Without seeing the photo; and given the time of year, and a Meyer in container, I would venture to guess that you made a significant light change, e.g. sun to indoors without doing so gradually. Meyers are quite sensitive to sudden light changes and will drop many, or all of its leaves to replace them with new leaves better suited to the new light conditions. As for the "suckers", they are probably water sprouts, larger than typical leaves and larger thorns; it is an indication that you are likely being generous with fertilizer and water. Just prune them back to the general level of the canopy and they will revert to normal growth.

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what's the numbers on your fert? perhaps it needs more fert.

i couldn't link it, prob b/c its an album and not an individual pic. but here's one of the pics i dl from the album.

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Did you use plain peat moss and pine bark?

If so, did you add lime to your mix?


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Johnmerr: The yellowing started before I brought it inside, but maybe outside light changes were enough. It does seem to have accelerated since I brought it inside.
houstontexas: 24-8-16
mike: No, and no, but I do plan to order some lime on ebay soon

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It grew a watersprout before these two, but i cut it off because it had extremely large thorns, which this tree has never had. The two sprouts right now have no thorns

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Hi Andrew

No one is will never be to sure about what is wrong with your tree. You will be the best jude of that based on your own cultural habits, but you will get a lot of diagnosis and helpful suggestions.

What is sure is that is your pH is off base in your mix, you will see symptoms of what you are looking at now.
All bagged mixes come pre-made with added lime for a purpose.

Your ph might be so off base, that your tree is not taking up important nutrients that are locked up. You are also denying your tree of much needed Ma and Ca which makes a world of difference in coloring.

I would add lime as soon as possible or repot into a mix with lime if it were my plant. I would also look for a fertilizer that provides Ma and Ca such as Foliage Pro.

Next, I would make sure the roots look ok to count out root rot. Is it taking a while to dry out, even in summer? I use 4 parts bark and one part peat in my mixes along with one part perlite which is very porous and dries out very nicely. 4 parts peat would be too wet too long for my plants.

The reason I am going this route is because you said it was yellowing before you brought it indoors. That kind of yellowing is always related to nutrients uptake issues or bad roots.

Where do you live to give us a better feel about your mixes and trees?


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check pH, if its ok, and the mix isn't too wet, give it a little more fert.

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I live in Arkansas.
It has to be nutrients because the roots are fine and it doesn't take too long to dry out, which was the first thing I checked.
houston-I don't have anything to check pH of soil, but I do have water pH you think I could steep some of the mix and water then check the pH?

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